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Covid-19 Information 

River and Twine will open in moderation starting May 14 and be ready to host guests for the 2020 season. Like a lot of other businesses, "business as usual" is going to look a little bit different than it did before.  We have put a lot of thought and consideration into making sure our guests and staff remain safe while on-site here at River and Twine. We will continue to monitor and evaluate our processes and procedures in the coming weeks as we learn more.

Among other things, we have contact-free check-in/out process and we are taking extra precautions listed below.

Extra Precautions We're Taking: 

  • No Large Gatherings - Please follow the Governor's recommendations regarding large gatherings - currently set at no more than 10  people.
  • Extra Cleaning - Additional attention is being given to potentially germy surfaces like counters, handles, and doors. To that end, we have removed record players, books, games, hammocks and other non-essential items from the homes but encourage you to bring your own. 
  • Relaxed Cancellation Policy - We have relaxed our cancellation policy to give you peace of mind. See below for policies.
  • No-touch Policy - If you see our staff, we will be greeting guests with smiles and waves instead of handshakes and high-fives. Rest assured, once your home is sanitized, we close it and you are the first to enter. We will not be offering any tiny home tours. Thank you for understanding and supporting this.
  • Social Distancing - Current recommendations include practicing social distancing of at least six feet – which is easy to maintain in the great outdoors! 
  • Staff Masks - Staff will have gloves and masks but don't worry, we are still smiling underneath.
  • Guest Masks - NEW UPDATE-Starting at 5 p.m. on Friday, June 26, masks will be required in public across the entire state of North Carolina. This is Gov. Roy Cooper's latest effort to contain the spread of corona-virus in the state as well as The City of Rocky Mount's Proclamation requiring face coverings, starting Friday, June 26 at 5:00pm. You should wear face coverings when in public places, particularly when those locations are indoors or in other areas where physical distancing is not possible. Under this Order, face coverings are required in retail businesses, restaurants, personal care and grooming businesses, and several other settings.  For example: fire pits, ninja warrior zone, picnic areas
  • Hand Hygiene -  Proper and frequent hand washing is vital to help combat the spread of viruses. Our teams are reminded that cleanliness starts with this simple, regular act. It's important for their health and that of our guests.
  • Medical Facilities - Guests will be provided a list of urgent care and emergency rooms in the area in the event their health takes a turn for the worse.
  • Up-To-Date Information -  River and Twine is on standby 24/7 to support and coordinate with local and regional authorities.

River and Twine's Relaxed Cancellation Policy:

We are optimistic that the country has seen the worst of both the virus and stay home orders, but if we have learned one thing it is you never know what will happen next week. River and Twine will continue to have a relaxed cancellation policy.

In the event things take a turn for the worse again, we would greatly appreciate you putting your reservation on hold instead of canceling. Many of you did the first time, and we thank you! To show our appreciation for your support during tough times, when you reschedule a held reservation, we will add a free night to your stay.

If you are unable to place your reservation on hold, we are honoring penalty-free cancellations if North Carolina and or City of Rocky Mount reintroduce travel restrictions again. We will be constantly updating and revising as circumstances change and will extend the penalty-free cancellation window should circumstances warrant.

For additional peace of mind, even if additional travel restrictions aren't introduced, you can cancel a reservation for any reason up to 7 days prior to your stay.  Inside of the 7-day window, we will cancel the reservation but only for credit on a future stay.

To place your reservation on "hold" or to cancel, please call 252-904-4731 or email frontdesk@riverandtwine.com.

Restaurants, Breweries and Events at Rocky Mount Mills

Some of our restaurants, breweries and bottle shop are Open To-Go.  River and Twine messages will be sent to guests with weekly updates. Sadly, all events at Rocky Mount Mills have been canceled until further notice. Not to worry, we will shout from the rooftops when things return to normal at River and Twine and Rocky Mount Mills!